The New Generation Tool

Indian Abacus Mental Arithmetic is the result of the background and the long lasting research of the organization , which has managed 3000 Abacus Training Centres.The New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus is an answer to the long lasting call for generation change with the evolution to bring in greatly desired Visualization a vastly impacting skill factor.

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Business Opportunity

Business OpportunityIndian Abacus business Opportunities for Franchise centre, State Franchise, National level Franchise & School centre available in India and International locations. Indian Abacus Company offers excellent business opportunity for dynamic young men and women of India / abroad, who wish to join Indian Abacus education as business associates.

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Indian Abacus Digital

Indian Abacus DigitalIndian Abacus Digital has manually operable sliders which when manipulated enable projection of images for values on LCD and the values / answers.... Read More

Indian Abacus

Indian Abacus Non DigitalThe Indian Abacus Non Digital is for calculation. It does not require power to operate The nimble fingers of a young child can manipulate the sliders .....Read More

Abacus Tutor Opportunity

Indian Abacus For TutorsAny individual with a Degree and good communication skills in one's own mother tongue and English language can become an Abacus Tutor.Read More

Disclaimer Notice: It is hereby declared to one-and-all that Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., A1-1857, 13th Main Road,Anna Nagar West, Chennai , has no connection what-so-ever with the Akademi Sempoa & Mental Aritmetik ucmas Sdn. Bhd.,