Business Opportunity

Indian Abacus Company offers excellent business opportunity for dynamic young men and women of India / abroad, who wish to join Indian Abacus education as business associates. Minimal investment of resources, vision, time & goal oriented efforts are the required criteria to clinch the opportunity to grow as successful entrepreneurs. Confidence, commitment and the readiness to grab the opportunity are what the aspirants require & no prior experience is necessary. Ability to manage an academy with skills to coach can make the aspirants enjoy the experience of being with Indian Abacus & earn attractive incomes

The Global Head office in India and its experienced professionals could provide necessary guidance and support to initiate this wonderful business opportunity. The associates joining the business stream would have an easy access to the basics of the Abacus program and guidelines to set up training centre from the experienced officials of the company. Each training centre for Indian Abacus skills - a franchise enterprise - would be a stand-alone set up in the allotted area which would after establishing necessary basic infrastructure for the centre, enroll children into the Indian Abacus program, train them in the program, conduct tests at the end of each term to issue certificates for the skills attained. The centre would thus have one or more Abacus Tutors and an assistant.

The Franchise centre would be supported by the company with Student Kits for enrolling the students into the program and the Level based Course material for the subsequent terms thereafter. The Abacus Tutor for the centre would receive specialized and centralized training from the company. The training quality and the certification of International repute drives Indian Abacus program to have a niche for it in the market.

Indian Abacus Company employs a well-defined and versatile business software - Franchise management system - which takes care of all the operations integrating the Company, Franchisee and Abacus Tutor activities with special focus on the Students right from enrolment to the attainment of Course completion status. The company's background, experience and professional strength apart from the brand image provides the Franchisees the required strength to fight the competition through product & program quality, ideal pricing and strong marketing strategies. The company has the vision to steadily grow as a large Franchise network in the world taking Abacus education to a totally new level with product innovation and future applications of Indian Abacus education with the mainstream education. Indian Abacus Company thus aims to grow together with the Franchise constituents to give them a long, continuous and enjoyable business experience in the years ahead.