Indian Abacus

Indian Abacus Mental Math Education

Indian AbacusThe Abacus over the last 2000 years had evolved to the modern but still a manual version popularly called Zhusuan or Soroban. This version of the Abacus which actually brought popularity for the Abacus education in the last decade has inadequacies in its design characteristics which made it difficult for a student of mediocre skills to learn.
Indian Abacus, the new generation Abacus tool, invented by Indian Abacus Pvt. Ltd., has removed these inadequacies with innovative solutions. Abacus- based computation works with the single idea of visualization of pictures (beads / images). Indian Abacus makes the visualization process more efficient by utilizing colour images that leave stronger impressions in the brain, thus increasing memory retention. Stronger images strengthen concentration by minimizing distraction.

Duration Of The Program & Levels

Indian Abacus Program takes 24 months to complete,The Abacus Tutors are trained to ensure proper delivery of the program skills to the children within the time frame. The parent only needs to ensure that the child practises at home for at least 10 minutes every day apart from classroom sessions.

Program Feedback

Being the Pioneer and the Leader in the field of Abacus Mental Arithmetic, the company has offered the program for the last 13 years, through more than 3000 centres across the country and more than a million enrolments. An enviable record is that our innumerable students have been able to reach coveted positions not only in their higher education but also in their careers. The program training has empowered their brain skills and given a great start to their academic and professional pursuits.

Indian Abacus Program A Revolution In Abacus Education

  • The Abacus tool had brought about a revolution in children's education in the last decade. The program increased in popularity all over the world to achieve a strong presence in many countries.
  • Hailed as a manual calculator for centuries the abacus became the tool that enabled millions of children to gain the skill of fast and accurate mental arithmetic computation, apart from sharpening other brain skills.
  • A greater ability to concentrate, visualize, and increase in quality listening are clearly perceivable in the children who underwent training in Abacus-based mental arithmetic computation.

What Students Gain

  • Speed & Accuracy in mental Arithmetic calculations is a direct benefit for the trained student who would be able to perform mental Arithmetic calculations, faster than is possible with a calculator.
  • Greater ability to Concentrate would help the student academically as it translates to grasping more information in the least possible time.
  • Greater ability to Visualize which is vital for creation of visual and auditory impressions and their recall.
  • Quality Listening ability is a skill which is most essential for knowledge access, assimilation & application.
  • Imagination & Creativity are the extended benefits of a better visualization skill. Students who can visualize better would naturally excel in innovation and creation. Application of these skills will benefit them in their academic performances.
  • Presentation skills of children trained in Abacus help them to be self - confident and self-reliant.

Age Group 5 -13 Years

Indian Abacus Program offers children of the age group 5 – 13 years a great learning experience. The children trained will sharpen their mental arithmetic skills and also acquire better Memory, Speed and Accuracy. Children trained in Abacus-based computation simultaneously gain the brain skills enumerated above.

The Indian Abacus Non Digital is a manual Tool for calculation which does not require power to operate. The nimble fingers of a young child could manipulate the sliders for calculation purposes. It is semi abstract and pictorial with colour display in representing numbers. Numbers are represented by the slider positions displaying colourinages. This tool contains 17 vertical slots/rods. Each slot/ rod contains totally 5 sliders.The bar within the frame runs horizontally and divides each rod bisecting it into 2 parts. The sliders below the bar on each slot are called lower sliders. The slider above the bar on each slot is called upper slider. There are 4 lower sliders and 1 upper slider in each slot.

The value of each lower slider value position is 1 and upper slider value position is 5. Thus the total value on each slot could be a maximum of 9. Each slider gets value, only when it touches the bar. To add a number, we move the slider towards the bar and to subtract, we move it away from the bar. In the abacus, the operation is always left to right, digit by digit for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The sitting position, placing of Abacus for working , holding of the Abacus, usage of specific fingers for the movement of the sliders using both the hands play a very important role. These are essentials to learn and perfect Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations. Indian Abacus enables the students to learn and perfect their skills in doing Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations and parallelly enhancing their brain skills.

After doing this practice on abacus the children are able to visualize and internalize the image of abacus in their mind. This practice is required 20-25 minutes per day, which we insist that the parents should get done on a regular basis.