Abacus Tutor Opportunity

Abacus Tutor

  • Abacus Tutor is a person who has been trained by Indian Abacus Company and qualified to teach any particular course developed by Indian Abacus and Mental Arithmetic & Brain Skills.
  • The Abacus Tutor must have a minimum of SPM
  • The Abacus Tutor is usually engaged on Full time basis.
  • Abacus Tutor Agreement will be signed between the Abacus Tutor and franchisee and Indian Abacus.
  • The applicant for position of Abacus Tutor must submit a CV with photo attached. They must apply through the Franchisor and interviewed by Franchisee / Indian Abacus Chief Trainer / Trainer.
  • Indian Abacus Chief Trainer / Trainer will train the Abacus Tutor.
  • Qualification: Any graduation is desirable with fluency in English and local language. Presentation skill will be an added advantage.
  • Remuneration: As per mutually agreed terms, and Immediately on receipt of payment from the student / parent, remuneration to Tutor should be paid.
  • The Franchisee is encouraged to pay Abacus Tutor in accordance with the price list for all courses.
  • A Abacus Tutor in Indian Abacus is one entrusted with the most important job of teaching the children.
  • Teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher, he will be wearing many hats.

The Abacus Tutor will be a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of information, an evaluator, a class room manager, a counsellor, a surrogate parent to name a few roles he/she assumes in carrying out their duties.

The duty of a Abacus Tutor doesn't end when the 2 hour session is over. A conscientious Tutors will be involved in after - class meetings with her franchisee, assisting students, correcting homework, evaluating their class performance and test papers, taking extra classes for the weaker ones and calling parents. All these demand a sacrifice of their personal time. As a Abacus Tutor, committed to excellence, it's a sacrifice he can live with.

The Abacus Tutor should transit smoothly away from the planned lesson in response to the student's need which surfaces during the class. They should have the capacity to explain a concept so that it makes sense to a young child. He must master the ability to be tuned into every child in the classroom, letting little or nothing to slip by unnoticed.

Role Of A Abacus Tutor

The Abacus Tutor, who has the right mettle – understanding attitude, pleasant manners, interested to take up teaching has to be sponsored. Utmost care has to be given in fully tapping the Abacus Tutor's competence.

Course Structure And Levels

The lessons are structured level - wise i.e each level consisting of a 3-month period. The child has to attend one class for a duration of 2 - hours every week. At the end of each level, a test will be administered and based on its success the child qualifies for the next level In all, the course is spread in 8 levels covering 24 months.

Global Grading Examinations (GGE) Students are conducted to assess speed and accuracy levels in Children. This helps them to compete internationally.

A good Tutor listens, questions, responds and remem­bers that each student and class is different. Our work in­volves caring, nurturing and developing minds and talents. Thus it involves devoting time often invisible to every student. Thankless hours of correcting books, preparing model papers and worksheets and other material to improve their speed and accuracy becomes a part of this onerous task.

Who Can Become An Abacus Tutor?

Any individual with High school education / Degree or more, with language abilities in one's mother tongue and a decent fluency in English seeking a rewarding career in non-traditional teaching method can become a Abacus Tutor.

Any person with a great love for children and learning ability to keep updating oneself in the latest research and innovative teaching methodologies can become a Abacus Tutor.

The ability to teach students with enthusiasm and excitement towards achieving our goal of developing their brain power to full potential in children.Willingness in bringing out the best in you so as to enable you bring out the best from your students .

Self - confidence to honour teaching commitments to teach and draw more students.

Fee & Training

Abacus Tutor's training fees is as fixed. The Initial Training will be for three days. subsequent level training will be given one day each. The Abacus Tutor, after the completion of the training will be evaluated and based on his / her output, he/she will be authorised to take classes.

Global Grading Exam (GGE) For Tutor

Global Grading Examination (GGE) is conducted by Indian Abacus Global Head office, Chennai, India, offers an opportunity to check the Abacus Tutors prowess keeping in view the international quality levels.

The purpose of conducting Grading exam and other testing schedules for Tutors is mainly to ensure that the caliber is good, only when he / she can impart quality training to the children.

Indian Abacus Digital For Tutor's

The present invention of the Indian Abacus - Digital is also available in a bigger size, called “Indian Abacus Digital for tutor”. This is designed for use by Tutors of Abacus Mental Arithmetic calculations. The large size – Indian Abacus digital for tutors can be either hung on a wall, or placed on a stand to explain to the students how the Abacus is to be operated.

Indian Abacus Digital For Tutor – Slots, Sliders / Colour Images

Each slot in the Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutor's, as in the student's digital abacus, will have 4 lower sliders and 1 upper slider. All the lower sliders could be moved towards the bar individually and together also. Similarly they could be moved away from the bar individually and together also. Each lower slider, when individually moved towards the bar, unhides a green colour image. Similarly, the upper slider could be moved towards and away the bar. By moving towards the bar, the upper slider unhides a red colour image, and moving within the slot – up and down, hide and unhide the colour images which mean values individually and together.

The LCD Screen

The Digital Display screen, an integral part of Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutors, is connected through the required hard & software, so that when the sliders are moved on the slots towards and away from the bar, display the corresponding values on the digital display screen. When the sliders are moved for a sum while explaining or demonstrating, the movement of the sliders post the values and numbers on the Digital display screen. The Tutor while explaining and the student while working to learn on the Indian Abacus - Digital – for Tutors, could check the values / numbers of the images projected.

Better & Effective Coaching Possible

Better and effective coaching is possible using 'Indian Abacus – Digital for tutors' which has two major advantages over the conventional Teacher's abacus with beads. The sliders moved towards and away from the bar would unhide and hide the colour images which are strikingly effective in impression making. Hence the visualization later is faster and stronger, which results in better comprehension.

The second advantage is that the LED displays the results of the working on the Indian Abacus – Digital. The software and the digital display screen which are integral parts of Indian Abacus – Digital for Tutors, enable the answers to be displayed on the display screen. The facility enables the teacher and the students working on Indian Abacus – Digital to understand the concept and the formulae with much ease.

The Design

The design of the Indian Abacus enhances the scope for largely improved quality learning. The skill to visualize post-learning will be better since the images for the value positions in Indian Abacus are highly distinct due to the colour. Further the digital connect has been given to the device, both the Student Abacus and the Tutor's Abacus. The movement of the sliders to the value positions apart from displaying the colour images also with the aid of the hardware and software built in enable the value in numbers are flashed on the LCD screen. The value displayed corresponds to the Abacus based manipulations done using the sliders – be it Addition, Subtraction, multiplication or division. The tool thus aid the Tutor and helps in better training & so better learning for students.

Oral Sums Call Out & Remote Control

Further the Indian Abacus-Digital for Tutor's is designed using Hardware and software for various other training & testing requirements. Calling out of sums (orals) – the system provides calling out of oral sums – the speaker provided on each Tutor's Abacus enables reaching of the output to the entire class room; Deferred Displaying of answers after verifying the children's answers; Conducting the assessments using the countdown timer; Setting time duration for the tests when conducted. Using the Remote control unit, the tutor could control all the activities from one place simultaneously observing the students' individual performances. The tutor can more dynamically work optimizing the time required for different activities.

Power Source

The Indian Abacus Digital for Tutor's version draws its energy requirements through the cord plugged in to any electrical power point. The Indian Abacus Digital for Student's version, however, uses the energy from the battery fitted for the purpose when not connected to the computer. However, when the device is used in unison with the computer, working online, power requirement is drawn from the computer for the outputs planned out of the device.