The New Generation Tool

The New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus is an answer to the long lasting call for generation change with the evolution to bring in greatly desired Visualization a vastly impacting skill factor.The Industrial revolution and the love for the machine in the 20th century and the Computer revolution later in the century had totally left the Abacus in an untouched state. The Chinese Abacus stayed in the same form which was adopted formally for coaching the young students by the Company in imparting the Mental arithmetic skills by image of abacus, thereby helping the children do fast and accurate mental arithmetic, apart from enhancing their brain skills such as CONCENTRATION, VISUALIZATION (PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY) by activating the right brain, the seat of intelligence.

Abacus Education an introduced in India for the first time Abacus Education as a formal training program for the children of 5 14 years for the benefits that the Abacus based calculations derive to the children and did specially undertake to do enormous amount of study based research. The making of the New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus necessitated continuous back-end work in designing which underwent series of changes to finally make the Indian Abacus a reality. Indian Abacus is now born. The birth of Indian Abacus therefore brings in a revolutionary change in the Abacus based results that the student of abacus would experience.The improvement in design could mean a great change in the learning and skill levels post learning.

The birth of Indian Abacus is a solution to meet the inadequacies and the limitations that hindered the effective usage of the magic tool abacus to bring out the best of skills. The material, design, manufacture that are greatly different in the Indian Abacus brings in a great change in the Features, advantages and benefits of the Indian Abacus. Indian Abacus thus is a smarter cousin of the conventional abacus. The importance of the Indian Abacus could be measured through the skills and the benefits that the student of Abacus derives by using the New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus. The birth of Indian Abacus therefore brings in a revolutionary change in the Abacus based results that the student of abacus would experience.

Indian Abacus would give a place of pride for India for making a new generation Abacus, which is largely different in its looks, features and so in its advantages and benefits to the user. Visual memory enhancement is highly pronounced with the usage of Indian Abacus. The objective is also to define a place for Abacus for India. The creation of the New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus fulfilling that. Concentration is therefore a matter which gets the best advantage and the children get much enhanced skill to concentrate.

Mental Arithmetic By The Image Of Abacus

  1. Mental Arithmetic by the image of Abacus is a concept that enhances the skills in the speed & accuracy in mental arithmetic calculations and also the skills in visualization which is many times more superior fast and efficient in the usage of Indian Abacus. Visualization is image capture.
    Image capture is vividly greater through colour image projections in the Indian Abacus than the dull and mundane colourslider/beads of the conventional abacus, which are all uniform and homogenous. In conventional abacus since the colour of the beads is one, Value and non-Value slider/beads through their bead positions actually blur the view resulting in not so-high-quality results & also end in stress to the eyes. Keeping these vital questions in the mind and working towards Flash card like abacus value positions, the Indian Abacus came into its very clearly defined design.
  2. Visualization is the key to better understanding.
  3. Visualization is the key to better anchoring on to the object visualized.
  4. Visualization enables more reasons to be with the object of experience mentally.
  5. That Visualization as the right brain routine is the key factor for Abacus to change the Abstract numbers into objective experience, through image capture by the brain.

The New Generation Tool - Indian Abacus makes Visualization process involving faster & stronger image-capture due to the distinct colour based images possible. They are not only distinct by the inherent colour of the images but also through the enhanced possibility of capture of coloured images in a contrast & uniform colour background, which makes the visualization more pronounced.

The Skills Beyond Just The Calculations

It has been more pronouncedly proven that Abacus exponent beats the non-abacus student hands down, since the speed maintained by the Abacus trained student will be at least 5 to 6 times more on the minimum side. Hence the Abacus students in the process prove that the arithmetic calculations that they perform are in a mental mode, where the counting does not take time to identify the object used for counting as the same is not the beads in material but the beads as the images of them.

Visualization A Key Factor Of Abacus Calculations

Visualization not only enables winning ability through speed, i.e. less time taken for a calculation but also takes the Abacus user into a mental plane which is a unique move from physical to mental plane. Better visualization process through Indian Abacus Digital makes photographic memory much stronger. In the mental plane again, when the object is clear, the distraction becomes nil. The abacus calculation through visualization therefore takes the child during the process a state of total concentration. Indian Abacus Digital enables stronger focus through better scope to concentrate.

Visualization - Enhanced Quality

Indian Abacus - Digital with its improved design features makes possible more qualitative visualization post learning & practicing than that with the conventional Abacus which does not offer required scope for the visualization to attain its pinnacle. The colour images projected by the operation of the upper or lower sliders through their upper and/or lower movements towards the bar actually represent the value positions. The colour images and the representing values are very clear and more impacting through the usage of the Indian Abacus - Digital.